Thursday, August 4, 2016

Andrew Binetter On Winning the 2008 Beverage Innovation Awards

The years I have spent with Nudie will always be close to my heart. As I look back on my lengthy career, with a string of achievements that I would consider fairly impressiveit is my role as cofounder and CEO of Nudie Foods that stands as one of the most significant highlights. In fact to this day, I have yet to get used to not seeing “CEO-Nudie Foods Australia” when I read the name “Andrew Binetter”!

Nudie Foods definitely left a mark on my consciousness, and I am proud to say that it made quit a dent on the Australian fruit juices market as well! One of the accomplishments that we at Nudie are most proud of was the winning of the first prize at the Beverage Innovation Awards held in Moscow in 2008. You could watch a video of me and Nudie marketing manager Sally Draycott being interviewed by Zenith International Publishing managing editor Bill Bruce below.
Winning the first prize at such a prestigious event was a significant milestone in Nudie’s history to say the least. Those who have been following Nudie’s growth over the years will recall that we previously won the second prize in the 2007 Beverage Innovation Awards. Coming in second was already an impressive accomplishment for us considering the fierce competition among some of the giants in the global beverages industry, so you could imagine just how thrilled we were to land the top spot.

The accomplishment was especially significant considering the numerous obstacles and challenges that we at Nudie Foods have had to overcome over the years. When we first started out in 2002, we faced stiff competition from a number of internationally prominent brands that practically dominated the Australian consumer foods market. There were also a number of local brands who had managed to secure a solid foothold in the beverages industry. Nevertheless, we knew we had a good concept and a solid range of products, and it wasn’t long before local shops and consumers began turning to us in droves. Within 12 months of launching Nudie, we had managed to set up offices and distribution centers in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane, and a factory in Sydney.

photo of Andrew Binetter at the Beverage Awards
Binetter's comprehensive interview was documented within the aforementioned video.
Going back to the Moscow Beverage Innovation Awards, we were understandably grateful to participate in such a prestigious eventand even more thrilled to win. As ZIP managing editor Bill Bruce mentioned, we had managed to set ourselves apart in the Australian beverages market with our unusual marketing campaign that targeted consumers and industry players in a single effective campaign. am inclined to agree with Nudie marketing manager Sally Draycott when she said that much of the inspiration for our success stems from the efforts of our own marketing team, which I'm proud to say is the most creative and wacky team of professionals that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Nudie Foods Australia has since been sold to Monde Nissan, ending a remarkable 12 and-a-half year run. As I embark on the next stage of my professional career, I will continue to cherish the years I spent with the firm.

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